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Find More Posts by Aguila Blanca. Find More Posts by Model12Win. Find More Posts by 44 Dave. June 28, , PM. Very cool indeed! Find More Posts by rodwhaincamo. June 29, , AM. Quote: Originally Posted by Model12Win I wonder why the larger-caliber rimfires went extinct in the first place? Find More Posts by TruthTellers. July 2, , AM. Quote: I agree tho that there's no reason why rimfire ammo larger than. There are plenty of older single shot.

All it would take is a couple machines to produce. A dollar a round of rimfire isn't too outrageous when you consider most premium ammo costs the same.

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Find More Posts by Driftwood Johnson. July 2, , PM. Now that's an interesting way to do it. News Nov 18 , Television News Nov 18 , Photo Gallery Nov 16 , Photo Gallery Nov 15 , Photo Gallery Nov 14 , Photo Gallery Nov 13 , Trending News Oct 10 , Television News Oct 3 , Reviews Oct 2 , News Sep 23 , Television News Sep 23 , Have fun!! Find all posts by marcoustic. I agree, I think it's gonna be great. Hell, I already put my deposit down! Maybe I'm crazy, but I think it would be a sweet field set-up, all wireless and stuff.

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I'm sure a lot of guys are way ahead of me on this, but I'm mainly talking about capturing SFX and stuff. More cumbersome and at times noisier than a field DAT machine, but a lot more versatile. You could edit on the spot and see what you really have before wrapping.

I'm talking myself into it slowly but surely Jeff Zacharias. It looks like a nice box. But, nos Mac OS X drivers so it's worthless until they are available.

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Am I missing something? Are you saying that it won't fly on OS 9?

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I haven't understood that to be the case. That would definitely stink. Never fear, it runs on OS 9.