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This is pride dressed up as Scholarship. There is only one purpose of statements like these. I am all knowing—look at me. Its an incredibly powerful thing to pronounce a year old writing surely made up from your little desk. But then if you didnt.. When you receive your accolades and pay check..

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After all, we dont even know for sure the events surrounding The Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations even tough they are a stones throw away in history. But you somehow know thousand of years before with perfect clarity. Its laughable.

Saul the Pervert, the first False Messiah. He was was never a Pharisee or taught by Gamaliel, nor was he an Apostle. He never knew Yeshua bar Yosef, and never tried to even learn the least bit about him. He cared not about the person Yeshua or his life. He cared only about his resurrected and glorious Jesus Christ, and his own glory as well. He was a man out to make a name for himself. It is easy to claim to be a Hebrew or an Israelite before and audience of Gentiles, but he never makes this claim before James and the Apostles in Jerusalem does he?? If he was so advanced in Judaism beyond many of his contemporaries, then his name would have been well known, yet no where in the Synoptic Gospels do we hear of him.

We hear nothing of him in any of the Jewish writings either. Lucifer is a Fallen Angel yes, but an Angel none the less. He can appear to anyone, and in any form he so chooses. He is the Great Deceiver and the Lord of Lies. It is also made perfectly clear that the only Apostle to the Gentiles was Kepha Peter. The only claim to be an Apostle came from him. Romans Now to him that is of power to establish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began ……. Yet neither James or Jude ever claimed to be among the Twelve.

The Twelve were the Disciples of Yeshua that we all know. And every one of them followed the Hebraic religion, which was what Yeshua taught the return to, from Judaism.

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Judaism and the Hebraic religion are two different things. Judaism follows the writing in the Babylonian Talmuds, the Torah takes second place after them. The Hebraic religion is based entirely on the Torah, and the Torah alone. If you do not believe me on this, then check it out.

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The book seems to be cherry picking facts from Josephus that fit the theory and ignoring other facts. We even know the exact populations. However according to Josephus there was also a tax revolt when Cyrenius was the governor of Syria about 6 CE, yet there was no census decreed by Augustus that year.

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Luke 2 1 And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed. Festus succeeded Felix about 57 or 58 CE. Still like the book, but wonder why Josephus is critical for some timeline reconciliation and completely ignored for other? The book arrived and I read the 20 page introduction. I mostly agree with the idea that Paul started Christianity and everything else followed. I question the dating of Jesus crucifixion in the first paragraph of the intro. Apparently this is a 5 or 6 year span historically. Who was Barjesus son of Jesus?

Who was Sergius Paulus and why did Saul seemingly take his name Paul?


Acts 13 6 And when they had gone through the isle unto Paphos, they found a certain sorcerer, a false prophet, a Jew, whose name was Barjesus: 7 Which was with the deputy of the country, Sergius Paulus, a prudent man; who called for Barnabas and Saul, and desired to hear the word of God. Marcus Antonius Pallas a freedman CE was the older brother of Felix who was the procurator of Judea and his name is mentioned by Josephus in the same paragraph as the Greek epistle that inflamed the Jews and started the war.

Pallas was also on trial and killed by Nero about 63 CE. Here again the book of Acts is a distorted mirror of the works of Josephus. KIn some instances the people and places match, but the names differ. In other instances the names match but the people differ as here;. Acts Then said Agrippa unto Festus, This man might have been set at liberty, if he had not appealed unto Caesar. Mason, the book of Hebrews would sure fulfill the criteria for being the Greek epistle that inflamed the Jews although Mason may not agree.

The letters considered authentic from Paul would have been from a different source, which would explain all the different authorships for the other letters.

He also did more to hurt the Jesus Movement after his conversion than he ever did beforehand. What he wrought bears little resemblance to the Galilean rabbi or his message. The high priestly caste was mostly Sadducee in orientation. So a similar amount of distortion at a time when record keeping by the general population was extremely haphazard is not so unreasonable. It seems we know about everything historically that was happening in that period from Josephus. Of all the responses listed here, most of which are worth reading, 10 is far and away the best.

Thanks Clif, and congratulations to James Tabor for doing justice to Paul. So far, the only criticism I have is with the title. The same is true for Irenaeus, many scholars discredited his descriptions of the Gnostic texts, until the Nag Hammadi was found and proved Irenaeus very accurate. I think we have to consider eye-witness accounts of Josephus as the most reliable historical data we have.

Not only because places like the Herodium were discovered based on his descriptions, but also the people, places, and dates he lays down align with all the other historians. The big question is why Paul never mentions the resurrection of Jesus, or the Virgin birth or Mary the mother of Jesus? Not even at his trial. Why would anybody in Jerusalem doubt Paul if the events in Matthew had occurred and were witnessed by many?

If we consider Josephus as the primary historical source, then the gospel stories of Jesus, his birth, crucifixion and resurrection were all developed after Josephus published his histories 90 CE or so. This is in harmony with historical data as the earliest known fragment from the New Testament is dated to about CE.

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The crucifixion of three men is described in Life, Here two die, but the third was brought back by a Physician. In this scene Joseph of Arimathaea is Josephus. And when I was sent by Titus Caesar with Cerealins, and a thousand horsemen, to a certain village called Thecoa, in order to know whether it were a place fit for a camp, as I came back, I saw many captives crucified, and remembered three of them as my former acquaintance.

This seems to be the most likely historical scenario as it harmonizes the Bible and history very well, although it goes against tradition. Peace, Rose. I find it interesting that almost no scholar mentions the historic references in Eusebius. According to which Paul was married but did not take his wife on his journeys with him. It is also interesting that many modern scholars have often disputed the history of Josephus only later to find that his accounts were documented by archaeology.

Everyone has a bias and that includes scholars. I think the works of Josephus are very close to actual historical events.

Consider the following when building the timeline. Here we have the freeman Pallas who was the brother of Festus Acts 24, 25, 26 gets permissiojn from Nero to have a scribe write epistles in Greek to Jews that inflamed them and started the Jewish war according to Josephus. Antiquities XX, 8, 9 Now when Porcius Festus was sent as successor to Felix by Nero, the principal of the Jewish inhabitants of Cesarea went up to Rome to accuse Felix; and he had certainly been brought to punishment, unless Nero had yielded to the importunate solicitations of his brother Pallas, who was at that time had in the greatest honor by him.

So Burrhus, by his solicitations, obtained leave of the emperor that an epistle should be written to that purpose. This epistle became the occasion of the following miseries that befell our nation; for when the Jews of Cesarea were informed of the contents of this epistle to the Syrians, they were more disorderly than before, till a war was kindled. Bart Ehrman says the book of Acts purports to tell historical facts, but presents made up stories instead. He gives many examples of the differences between the letters of Paul and the book of Acts.

Josephus claims Justus wrote a false history of the events and waited 20 years until after Titus and Vespasian were dead to publish it. This is also the time most say the book of Acts was published 85 CE. Life, 65 …. But perhaps thou wilt say, thou hast written of what was done against the people of Jerusalem exactly.