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A Career with The Warehouse - Team Leader (JTJS72012)

Summer Shop. Outdoor Furniture. Featured Categories. Relax in a converted granary and furniture warehouse and now a thriving community center. Port Costa, California is a bucolic village ensconced in a quiet valley by the Carquinez Regional Shoreline with connections to the "Bay Trail".

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Port Costa also hosts a unique environment of restaurants and local artists. Dinner is available Friday and Saturday nights and bar food is available most hours. Give us a call to check closing time on these evenings. Prime Rib, 12 oz……with garlic mushrooms and baked potato Maine Lobster……with garlic mushrooms and baked potato Shrimp Garden Salad, house dressing Reducing time and costs, and provides greater agility of operation.

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Merchandise grouped in pallets, facilitating the warehouse of the merchandise in the company and the control of the warehouse. Unitization of cargoes, withdrawal of empty container, consolidation and delivery in Ports. Dismantling of nationalized cargoes.

Warehousing Service Complete structure for the storage of container and loads in general.